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This track is a lot slower than all the other tracks on this album.
I wanted to rhyme to a more typical HipHop bpm to see how I would flow on it. I also wanted to give a track of relaxation before going back into higher energy.
On 'HERE', it's really about not giving up on my vision, goals, idea and vision to achieve what my strongest calling and yearning are.
I'm reminding myself that it's up to me to keep going.
I'm 'HERE' alive, with the possibility of creating pure magic and amazingness despite how difficult I may perceive my uphill climbs to be.
The more we climb the more we build muscle, strength and agility.


put my heart into it
Listen to my intuit
The pain i move right through it
I'm here coz i love music

In my black t unda the sun
Sippin black t gotta have fun
I take my time but stay active
Transcend my mind i love to give
Also receive i engineer
Till i achieve despite the tears
I spend my time creating art
Like live enzymes its feeding my heart

I love to perform on stage
To share what i have to say
I am so excited to
Bring my performance to you


We can’t be stopped
We up in here
We make it pop
We got this here


Technology is neutral
Don't blame it for the dysfunctional
It's up to you how u use it
With it i make art & music

No need to wait for others to
Create a new world it's up to you
The power is us we're miracles
We're natural not clinical
We reconnect with who we r
beyond the mind back to the stars
We've been programmed let's free our minds
Independent take back your time

I use my time to learn more
I discover i explore
This way i share it with you
In a way that's original


We can’t be stopped
We up in here
We make it pop
We got this here


I see others who succeed
My motivation they feed
To not give up on my heart
Even when times get too dark

I am still here im here alive
Surmounted fears i got to fly
Then fell back down then got back up
At times i drowned but i had luck
I see the world so differently
Then anyone i ever meet
It makes me see that i'm alone
I'm feeling free when making songs

It's the strength it's the power
That's in us to not cower
We r blessed to be alive
So we keep on and we thrive


We can’t b stopped we’re up in here
We make it pop we got this here



from CREATION OF WORLDS, track released July 7, 2017
Recording HipHop Artist: WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE

Pre-Production / Lyrics / Drafts created in LA
Re-Recordings / Mixing in Berlin