DAT FIRE (Part 2)

from by Willpower LifeForce

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About catalyzing the Fire of Passion in our Hearts to be who we are no matter what other say / think about us.
The 3rd verse is a perspective on Sensual Tantric Love Making when it is purely about energy and not superficial sex based on purely orgasm.


Bringing dope work to the world with style
I don't have a girl coz my life is too wild
I don't live like these other people do
We don't think alike nor don't eat the same food
It’s my view not tryna be rude
A small thing just to mess up the mood
Even for that i'm in gratitude
It's a real test of my attitude
Sometimes i bring the beast out
Some people i gotta clear out
I do the best that i can
Please remember i'm just a man
Always working to improve
Elevating higher in altitude
Expanding my view by far
So high that i need bonoculars

Singing hook:
keep on bringing dat fire
Passion will take us higher
Life turns us into fighters
Who strike for life like vipers

It's gotta knock, it's gotta bang hard
Willpower lifeforce the living god
Yeah true that is my full name
We don't feel shame in us is that flame
Sometimes i lost all my gas
Head on crash look at my ass
Pause, not literally
In the matrix but i'm living free
Stayin away from the stress
Live from the west the sun on my chest
Doing what i love for them checks
Independent balancing with rest
Pushing my body to the next
Taking my mind way beyond its best
Pushing myself beyond limits
Beyond mind body we're spirit

Keep on bringing dat fire
Passion will take us higher
Life turns us into fighters
Who strike for life like vipers

She wants my mind and body
Will it happen probly
She likes it naughty
Sweaty juicy sticky hootie
It's like we're in a sauna
Conscious love clears out the trauma
Sex exchanges energy
Flowing in kundalini
That's why i don't just sleep with
Anyone who wants to creep with
The energy i provide
Lot is felt all through your vibe
Sex is a vehicle to use
It does more than reproduce
It can control also your mind
With a simple glance of her behind
Now you lost all your power
Don't regret it an hour
That's why i gotta feel it out
B4 i even go that rout
But sometimes the temptation
Got me in there with full sensation
Deep breathing, elongation
For powerful penetration

Keep on bringing dat fire
Passion will take us higher


from CREATION OF WORLDS, track released July 17, 2017
Recording HipHop Artist: WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE

Pre-Production / Lyrics / Drafts created in LA
Re-Recordings / Mixing in Berlin